South Korea interested in Arctic energy sources - Chan-Woo Kim

According to Republic of Korea’s Ambassador for Arctic Affairs Chan-Woo Kim, South Korea has expressed interest in the Arctic region's natural resources that might supply the country with energy.

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Northern Fleet to help China yacht set records in Arctic

Russia’s Northern Fleet forces will provide support to the Qingdao-China yacht in its voyage aiming to set several records in the Arctic.

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Nikolay Patrushev: Atlantic and Arctic are Russia's maritime policy priorities

The Atlantic and Arctic are Russian maritime policy priorities, Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev said.

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Russia to open research center on Svalbard

Minister of Natural Resources Sergey Donskoy: “The scientific center on Svalbard are included in next year’s plans. If everything goes well, the whole range of meteorological research in the Arctic zone will be conducting here in 2016."

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Obama urges to reach climate deal at UN conference in Paris

US President Barack Obama has called on world leaders to reach agreement to make sweeping cuts in carbon, or greenhouse gas emissions to stop global warming in its tracks, in a speech in Anchorage, Alaska.

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US and Russia to sign agreement combating illegal fishing

The United States and Russia will sign a bilateral agreement next week aimed at fighting illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

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US official: Russia’s moves to expand control of Arctic shelf agree with law

According to senior US Department of State official's report during a special tele-briefing for the media devoted to an international conference on the Arctic, Russia’s latest moves to expand the area of the continental shelf in the Arctic under its control are in full conformity with international law.

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Chinese sailor to make world’s quickest trip through Northern Sea Route

Chinese sailor Guo Chuan intends to make it world’s quickest Northern Sea Route trip from Murmansk to the Bering Strait in 14 days without engine power.

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Norwegian first gas pipeline crossing the Arctic circle

On August 21st, the construction of the Norwegian Polarled gas pipeline, which will bring gas from the Norwegian sea to Europe, crossed the Arctic Circle.

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Interesting facts:

The northernmost zoo in the world is in Finland, almost at the Polar Circle, 80 km away from the capital of Lapland Rovaniemi. At the zoo, in conditions as close as possible to their natural habitat, there are 60 different types of northern animals.

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The Montana Standard
Arctic grayling mural materializes on Uptown brick wall

Mark Gettings and family dog Keely of Tuscon, Ariz., check out son Roger Peet’s mural of two Arctic graylings on Tuesday. Peet, coordinator of the Endangered Species Mural Project, applies underlying black paint to the west-facing wall of the Butte Miner Floral building, 27 W. Broadway St. 

The Reuters
Canada reviews Arctic drilling plan as industry seeks concessions

Canada's Conservative government is studying whether to extend Arctic drilling licenses, a move that could open the door to relinquishing millions of dollars in deposits paid by major energy companies. 

Harvard Political Review
The Arctic’s Human Voice

At the foot of the Bassečohka Mountain, thousands of reindeer lumber through the snow in tandem. In a sea of antlers, fur, and hooves, they seem indistinguishable. But closer inspection reveals several patterns notched gently and painlessly on the skin of their ears. 

The Independent
Arctic cruise: A polar adventure from Greenland to Canada

The Arctic is like the Sahara, a place where everything is reduced to essence. It is a continent that, unlike so many others, we can neither domesticate nor reduce to servitude; a place where mountains come to die in polar deserts, glaciers calve vast orphan icebergs and an ineffable light washes across a dark unfathomable sea, stretching to infinite sky. In its 5.5 million square miles of emptiness, only the hardiest survive. 

Cornell Chronicle
Saving puffins and 'King Penguin,' too

“Project Puffin: The Improbable Quest to Bring a Beloved Seabird Back to Egg Rock” (Yale University Press, 2015) is written by Stephen W. Kress, Ph.D. ’72, director of the National Audubon Society’s Seabird Restoration Program, with Boston Globe associate editor Derrick Z. Jackson. 


Added 21.02.15
Snowy owl makes elusive photo subject

The Outagamie County Regional Airport's owl has been leading me on quite a chase. It's a snowy owl, an occasional visitor from the arctic who takes a foodie vacation in Wisconsin when its favorite rodent back home, the lemming, falls into short supply.

Added 18.02.15 
Business Insider
The best images of the Arctic we've ever seen

NASA just took some of the best images of the Arctic we've ever seen.

Added 05.07.14 
Lego, we’re feeling sad too

We’re sad to see such a popular, well-loved brand like Lego being used by Shell, with the willingness of Lego’s bosses, to help clean up its disreputable image.