Alaska and Washington to build Arctic icebreakers

Senator Lisa Murkowski, Alaska, and Senator Maria Cantwell, Washington, have introduced a bill that would authorize the Navy to build up six icebreakers for use by the U.S. Coast Guard.

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Norilsk Nickel to sell Arkhangelsk Sea Port

The Norilsk Nickel company is ready to sell a string of non-core assets, including the Arkhangelsk Sea Port.

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Russia has no gas drilling plans in Arctic shelf in 2015

Russia’s energy giant Gazprom is not planning on drilling for any gas on the Arctic Shelf in 2015, a Gazprom senior executive manager in charge of gas extractions said.

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Surfing in the Lofoten Islands is surprisingly hot

The world's northernmost surf spot is located in Unstad, Norway, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle.

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Gazprom invites Lukoil to the Arctic shelf

The enhanced cooperation, which builds on the strategic partnership deal concluded in 2014, will enable Gazprom and Lukoil to promote jointly their interests in government.

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New topics of the RAO/CIS Offshore 2015 Conference program have been announced

15 - 18 September 2015, RAO/CIS Offshore, 12th International Conference and Exhibition for Oil and Gas Resources Development of the Russian Arctic and CIS Continental Shelf, will be held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

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Russian diplomat: NATO’s interference in Arctic affairs is fraught with serious risks

Russia’s Permanent Representative at NATO believes the Arctic states have enough instruments to solve problems that might naturally emerge in this region by means of talks.

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Activists in Seattle boarded kayaks to protest a Shell oil rig

The group of activists said they would try to prevent an ecological disaster. They wanted to demonstrate against the dangers they say the rig poses to the environment.

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Warmer Barents Sea menaces cod and haddock

The temperature of the Barents Sea may increase by nine degrees Celsius by the end of the century causing a disaster for such fisheries as cod and haddock.

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Interesting facts:

The Guimbarde (Jew’s harp) Museum in Yakutsk

is the only one in the world, and the exhibition includes the most ancient musical instruments from around the world, made of wood, bamboo, bone and metal. The collection includes approximately 1000 exhibits dedicated to guimbarde music.



Guarding against the world's most dangerous bears

Scientific explorers on board the “Lance” brave many dangers to collect data north of Svalbard: freezing northern temperatures, merciless winds, viscous currents and of course, polar bears. 

In Norway's mines, women are a rare resource

Only 20 per cent of Norway’s mining employees are women, according to government statistics. And that number has barely changed since 2008, the first year data were available. 

New discovery: Mammoths took last steps on an isolated Arctic island

Using DNA analysis to catalogue mammoth genomes, scientists have finally discovered where these giants took their last steps before the entire species was wiped out thousands of years ago. 

United States takes charge of the Arctic Council, prioritizes the environment

The United States has big changes in store for the Arctic Council over the next two years, which will largely focus on climate change. 

National Geographic
Arctic Ship Breaks Free of Ice for Historic Expedition

A Norwegian research vessel will spend six months on the sea ice to study the changing Arctic. 


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Snowy owl makes elusive photo subject

The Outagamie County Regional Airport's owl has been leading me on quite a chase. It's a snowy owl, an occasional visitor from the arctic who takes a foodie vacation in Wisconsin when its favorite rodent back home, the lemming, falls into short supply.

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Business Insider
The best images of the Arctic we've ever seen

NASA just took some of the best images of the Arctic we've ever seen.

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Lego, we’re feeling sad too

We’re sad to see such a popular, well-loved brand like Lego being used by Shell, with the willingness of Lego’s bosses, to help clean up its disreputable image.