Yamal, Ugra and Tyumen Region can merge only if people support this decision - Putin

Russia's President Vladimir Putin believes that imposing the idea of constituent entities' consolidation against the will of people is counterproductive.

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Scientists assessed environmental impact on health of Yamal’s residents

At the plenary session of the Scientific Council of the Russian Federation on Human Ecology and Environmental Health, scientists of the Arctic Scientific Research Centre presented a report, assessing an impact of harmful factors of the oil and gas complex on the cytogenetic status of Yamal’s indigenous people.

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State Hermitage Museum hosted the Day of Yamal

In St. Petersburg, the State Hermitage Museum hosted the Day of Yamal. The event was dedicated to the 84th anniversary of the region and the 250th anniversary of the Museum.

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The autumn and winter stage of eco-works ended on the Bely Island

A press conference on results of the autumn and winter stage of environmental works on the Bely Island was held in the capital of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region.

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Yamal re-orients reindeer meat supplies to the domestic market

In 2015, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region will supply 250 tonnes of reindeer meat to Europe, while European partners sought for half a million tonnes of venison. The priority will be given to the domestic market.

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Putin: India will participate in Russian Arctic shelf development

Rosneft and Gazprom, jointly with Indian companies, are currently preparing Arctic shelf development projects – says Russian President, Vladimir Putin, after talks with Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

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Yamal sums up the results of work on the region’s birthday

On December 10, on the day of the founding of the region, it hosted a regular meeting of the Government of the region to review the results of the current year.

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Sergei Lavrov: Russia's application to extend its shelf has a greater chance of success

Currently, there is a vast array of scientific data to substantiate Russia’s application to extend the boundaries of the country’s continental shelf, as reported by Sergei Lavrov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

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Yamal turns into the scientific centre of the Arctic

The scientific conference “Development of the Arctic - A new turn in domestic science and innovations” ended in the capital of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region.

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Interesting facts:

The longest railway bridge in the Arctic Circle is built in Yamal over the river Yuribey. The bridge which measures 3.9 kilometers is part of the main transport route to the largest gas condensate field in the Yamal peninsula, Bovanekovo.



Obama to propose protecting U.S. Arctic wildlife refuge from drilling

President Barack Obama will call on Congress to expand protection of Alaska's Arctic refuge where oil and gas drilling is prohibited to 12 million acres (5 million hectares), an area that includes 1.4 million oil-rich acres along the coast. 

China's energy giant willing to cooperate in Arctic resources extraction

China's energy giant PetroChina is willing to engage in cooperation in extracting oil and gas as well as other natural resources in the Arctic region, said a high-ranking official of the company on Monday. 

Digital journal
Cold weather triggers mass movement of polar bears

An analysis of polar bear genes confirms the mammals’ recent migration to icier climes. Bears are traversing towards the Canadian Archipelago.  

Singapore-born polar bear Inuka celebrates his 24th birthday

The Singapore Zoo’s polar bear Inuka – the first to be born in the tropics – turned 24 years old on Friday (December 26). 

The times of India
US military tracks Santa's global flight path and provides real-time updates

Santa Claus has embarked on his annual Christmas Eve mission to deliver presents to millions of children after a smooth take-off from his North Pole base, at least according to US military officials who track his reindeer-powered sleigh. 


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Lego, we’re feeling sad too

We’re sad to see such a popular, well-loved brand like Lego being used by Shell, with the willingness of Lego’s bosses, to help clean up its disreputable image.

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Erica Dingman
Eyes on the Arctic: The U.S.'s Pivot North

Let’s face it. The Arctic is not part of America’s collective imagination. Yes, we recognize that the state of Alaska legitimizes our claim as an Arctic nation, but it’s so terribly far away.

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Libby Leyden-Sussler
Canada's Arctic Council Protest: Ripple Effect?

A “ripple effect,” the spreading effect or series of consequences caused by a single action, is a very real phenomenon in the sea of international politics. One major foreign policy decision can catapult itself into effecting a whole slew of subsequent actions.