Bear ate Alaska woman's kayak

YouTube user Mary Maley uploaded a video to her account that showed what happened during a recent bear encounter she had in Southeast Alaska.

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Total plans financing of Yamal LNG with Japanese banks

France’s oil major company Total is considering the possibility of financing of its Yamal LNG liquefied gas project in Russia with Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and other financial institutions.

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Gazprom to prepare new Arctic terminal

Gazprom Neft, the oil subsidiary of Gazprom, has completed the installation of the main terminal facility at its Novy Port project in the Ob river Bay.

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Russia to get first Arctic helicopters soon

Russia’s armed forces are due to receive their first batch of advanced Arctic helicopters by the end of this year.

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Reports on icebreaker tours' termination increase demand on them

Plans to terminate commercial tours to the North Pole on the nuclear-powered icebreakers of the Atomflot company in 2016 have surged the demand for these tours.

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Arctic nations gather energy conference

Representatives from across the circumpolar North were meeting this week in Fairbanks for the Arctic Energy Summit.

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Sanctions can't stop Arctic shelf development

Western sanctions on supplies of equipment and technologies for deep-water drilling have their hindering effect but are not critical for the development of the Russian Arctic shelf, a Russian academician guess.

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Russia to develop cross-country vehicle for Arctic

Russia's Tractor Plants corporation plans to develop the TM-140A Arctic cross-country vehicle for carrying goods in the Extreme North without man’s involvement.

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Russian ships preparing for passage through Arctic in icy conditions

A group of warships and support vessels of Russia’s Northern Fleet is preparing to pass the Vilkitsky Strait, separating the Taimyr Peninsula and the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago, in difficult ice conditions.

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Interesting facts:

The Guimbarde (Jew’s harp) Museum in Yakutsk

is the only one in the world, and the exhibition includes the most ancient musical instruments from around the world, made of wood, bamboo, bone and metal. The collection includes approximately 1000 exhibits dedicated to guimbarde music.

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Arctic education: The world's northernmost university is booming

In the land of the midnight sun and the northern lights, in the most fragile ecosystem on the planet, you'll find the world's northernmost university. Students from around the world are flocking to the spectacularly remote University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), which lies at a latitude of 78 degrees north, in the Arctic Sea, midway between Norway and the North Pole. 

The Montana Standard
Arctic grayling mural materializes on Uptown brick wall

Mark Gettings and family dog Keely of Tuscon, Ariz., check out son Roger Peet’s mural of two Arctic graylings on Tuesday. Peet, coordinator of the Endangered Species Mural Project, applies underlying black paint to the west-facing wall of the Butte Miner Floral building, 27 W. Broadway St. 

The Reuters
Canada reviews Arctic drilling plan as industry seeks concessions

Canada's Conservative government is studying whether to extend Arctic drilling licenses, a move that could open the door to relinquishing millions of dollars in deposits paid by major energy companies. 

Harvard Political Review
The Arctic’s Human Voice

At the foot of the Bassečohka Mountain, thousands of reindeer lumber through the snow in tandem. In a sea of antlers, fur, and hooves, they seem indistinguishable. But closer inspection reveals several patterns notched gently and painlessly on the skin of their ears. 

The Independent
Arctic cruise: A polar adventure from Greenland to Canada

The Arctic is like the Sahara, a place where everything is reduced to essence. It is a continent that, unlike so many others, we can neither domesticate nor reduce to servitude; a place where mountains come to die in polar deserts, glaciers calve vast orphan icebergs and an ineffable light washes across a dark unfathomable sea, stretching to infinite sky. In its 5.5 million square miles of emptiness, only the hardiest survive. 


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Snowy owl makes elusive photo subject

The Outagamie County Regional Airport's owl has been leading me on quite a chase. It's a snowy owl, an occasional visitor from the arctic who takes a foodie vacation in Wisconsin when its favorite rodent back home, the lemming, falls into short supply.

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Business Insider
The best images of the Arctic we've ever seen

NASA just took some of the best images of the Arctic we've ever seen.

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Lego, we’re feeling sad too

We’re sad to see such a popular, well-loved brand like Lego being used by Shell, with the willingness of Lego’s bosses, to help clean up its disreputable image.