Barents regional governors call to develop the Northern Sea Route

Both Arkhangelsk Governor Igor Orlov and the leader of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Igor Koshin give top priority to the development of the Northern Sea Route, the Arctic shipping lane between Europe and Asia.

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Arctic exploration offers US and Russia new opportunities to cooperate

Russia and the United States may continue the bilateral cooperation through opportunities in the Arctic, said Derek Norberg, Executive Director of the “Russian American Pacific Partnership” forum.

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Russian self-propelled anti-aircraft system for Arctic to be developed

KBP Instrument Design Bureau to develop a special tracked version of its Pantsir (SA-22 Greyhound) self-propelled anti-aircraft gun and missile system for use in Russian Arctic zone.

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The Alexander Nevsky nuclear submarine with 16 Bulava missiles combat ready — TASS

Defense Ministry source informed TASS that the Alexander Nevsky nuclear submarine, the second Borei-class vessel, has entered service with the Russian Navy forces.

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Russian officers inspected Armed Forces in Norway

Russian Army officers inspected military camps in Northern Norway according to the Vienna agreement of 2011.

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Rosneft expedition to explore Arctic ice

Expedition ''Kara-Winter 2015'', organized by the oil giant Rosneft, left from the city of Murmansk to study the surface ice in the Arctic, accompanied by the icebreaker Yamal.

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Pentagon wants Canada to install upgraded missile sensors in Arctic

The United States plans to ask Canada to install a new missile sensor system in the Arctic region in order to upgrade old sensors and be able to detect multiple types of missile threats.

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Russia’s Defense Ministry rejects possibility of collision between trawler and submarine

The Russian Defense Ministry rejected the media reports that the Russian trawler tragedy in the Sea of Okhotsk was caused by a collision with a submarine.

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Fire-struck submarine “Oryol” to be repaired

The nuclear submarine “Oryol” was not seriously damaged in fire at Zvezdochka shipyard, and will be ready for service again by the end of 2016.

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A Norwegian research vessel will spend six months on the sea ice to study the changing Arctic. 

Forest tree seeds arrive at Svalbard's 'Doomsday vault'

The Svalbard "doomsday" vault - widely known for protecting global food crop seeds - has accepted its first delivery of forest tree species seeds. 

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Forget the frightening androids of dystopian sci-fi, the future of robots is cute polar bears that can lift elderly people into and out of bed. 

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska – A historic Alaska gold-mining city could be the first place where the federal government invests in a deep-water port to serve vessels in Arctic waters. 

Sanctions don’t bar oil-service giants bidding in Arctic

U.S. and European suppliers to the oil industry are still able to seek work in Russia’s Arctic despite sanctions designed to limit their involvement because the rules don’t apply to foreign subsidiaries. 


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Snowy owl makes elusive photo subject

The Outagamie County Regional Airport's owl has been leading me on quite a chase. It's a snowy owl, an occasional visitor from the arctic who takes a foodie vacation in Wisconsin when its favorite rodent back home, the lemming, falls into short supply.

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